Chicago Gourmet Popcorn

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Chicago Gourmet Popcorn is based in the heart of Rathmines. An Irish-owned company, its name was inspired by the home of popcorn – Chicago.

Our popcorn is never popped in oil – it is specially air popped guaranteeing a consistent taste and even coating, ensuring you get the perfect gourmet experience with each and every bite.

Chicago Gourmet Popcorn guarantees you freshly made, handcrafted popcorn in a variety of unique flavours, made in store each and every day.

Provisional Flavours, dependent on demand. More to follow!

‐ cheese
‐ cheese and garlic
‐ Salt and vinegar
‐ nude corn (made to order)

– caramel
– caramel cinnamon and pecan or caramel dry roasted peanut
‐ Caramel Oreo or Caramel Minstrels